Success Stories

Anna and Jose

Hello everyone! I am glad that I had a chance to make my dream come true in Tallinn, a romantic place in the Europe. Our communication was very pleasant. I still can not believe that we met so quickly, it was easy and without any problems. What else is needed for a little happiness in these stormy times? Good vibes are following me and I am confident in our future with Jose. I wish you all to find happiness and love here on Dream-singles site.

7 July, 2022

Daria and David

David and I met online on the Dream Singles website about three months ago, and we immediately realized that we had to meet. Long correspondence, worries, evenings without sleep, we were supposed to meet in Italy, but life did not give us such a chance. As a result, David flew to me in Batumi, we spent a very cozy day together...There are so many moments that we would like to experience together, and finally the long-awaited meeting. I remember his eyes when he first saw me and it was the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time. I am sincerely grateful to Dream Singles for the opportunity to meet such a good person as David. Now I know for sure that time and distance are not an obstacle to a sincere relationship. Thank you Dream Singles

6 June, 2022

Irina and Neil

I have met Neil on the Dreamsingles website, we have been corresponding for about a year . Finally, we got a chance to meet each other in Odessa. We planned to meet on the 24th of December but the bad weather made it's own adjustments. So, we met on 26th of December. On the first day we met , our eyes were so bright and excited. We held hands and looked into each other's eyes.It was a wonderful dinner, endless conversations about how long we waited for the date and remembered amazing moments we had on the site. It looked like a fairy tale on Christmas and we fell in love more deeply. It is a really great story of our love. I wish good luck to everyone and now I know for sure it is possible to meet a loved one's here.

12 December, 2021

Ekaterina and Andreas

This is our story. Andreas arrived from Stock-holm and landed in Kharkov on 21 December. We met at the airport and took a taxi to a cozy restaurant . I ate an Italian pasta dish and Andreas ate the delicious Ukrainian soup Borsch. The meeting was magical. Andreas took my hand and in his hand was a small gift from him. It was a heart-shaped pendant.It was icy cold outside, but the warmth between us kept us warm. We will definitely see each other again very soon. We have two dates planned already, one for me to go to Stockholm and another for a larger event. On the way back to the airport, Andreas put his arm around me and we both felt tingling sensation inside us. I felt so safe in his arms and I am convinced that Andreas also enjoyed the moment.Thank you Dream-Singles for the opportunity to meet, without your service we would never have met. Thanks!

12 December, 2021

Julia and Kurt

I really want to thank Dream Singles for helping me find my Real Man. The story of our relationship is quite interesting. I wrote to him first and decided to try my luck that way. And as it has appeared - luck is on my side) He answered me and we had a nice conversation that day... I thought it would not last long, but he was so interested in our communication that we immediately caught the general wave and decided for ourselves that we should try to expand our capabilities and boundaries of our feelings. After talking on the phone and after our first meeting, we realized that this is really nothing but fate. Our feelings, our goal to have a good family and our common outlook on life gave us the strength and determination to take this step. Thanks to this site, all my cherished desires which I dreamed of and never even dreamed of, have come true. Although, my soulmate was in another country, this didn't prevent us from connecting and being together.Once again I thank this site for such an opportunity to find my beloved person!

12 December, 2021
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