Success Stories

Victoria and Andrew


Andrew and I met online on the Dream Singles website about two months ago and immediately realized that we wanted to meet. After a long correspondence, worries, and sleepless nights, we were supposed to meet in Spain. And it happened in Valencia, we are glad that it happened there. So many moments that we would like to experience together, and finally the long-awaited meeting. I remember his eyes when he first saw me, and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in a long time. I am truly grateful to Dream Singles for the opportunity to meet such a good person like Andrew. Now I know for sure that time and distance are not an obstacle to sincere relationships. Thank you Dream Singles!!!

24 August 2023

Irina and Ajay


The hours before the meeting I was very nervous, it was my first experience of meeting a man on the Internet. Till the last minute, I thought something might happen and the meeting would be delayed or canceled. We met at the shopping mall and decided to drive to downtown Chicago. While we driving to the destination we started to talk and get to know each other better. Ajay seemed to me a good man from the beginning and I wasn't wrong. He exudes positivity, good manners, and intentions. Then I realized that I want to build future relationships with this guy. I am very grateful to the Dream Singles site to have this amazing opportunity to meet a reliable, serious man here and this can lead us to something special.

12 August 2023

Anastasia and Ronald


When I remember my thoughts one day before meeting you - I understand that my anxiety was for nothing, you turned out to be incredibly kind, cute and modest, these are the qualities that I like in a mature man. You reminded me what it is like to have "butterflies in my stomach." My adventure on this site has come to an end and a new chapter in my life has begun!

31 July 2023

Victoria and Tom


Hi, I want to thank the Dream Singles site for giving me the possibility to meet an interesting man. We have not been communicating for long - only a few weeks - but decided to meet in real life and look into each other's eyes. I also believe that it is better to meet once than to exchange thousands of letters. Our date was amazing, we had a romantic dinner, talked about everything, and laughed. Our eyes were sparkling with happiness and now I am excited that we made such a great connection. I am also very happy that I decided to join Dream Singles. I believe that if you have serious intentions, it is possible to meet a caring and loving man.

30 July 2023

Tatiana and Thomas


This meeting was as spontaneous and unpredictable as those moments when people suddenly come into your life without you even expecting it. And I believe all people come into our life for a reason. I am so grateful and so happy to meet such an amazing person with the most sincere and open heart. I want to thank the site for giving us such a great opportunity to meet people that can change everything for the better. Thomas and I spent wonderful days in Miami. This trip was bright and emotional, we visited museums, restaurants, and a sand beach. These moments are worth staying in our memory forever.

20 July 2023
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