Success Stories

Ekaterina and Floor

It was a very pleasant meeting for us. Rolf and I only talked for a few months but it was enough to understand that this is a person I want to meet again with in real life. So, we finely met . Our date was very romantic, I am grateful to the the Dream Singles site for making me feel like a real woman with the real gentlemen.

12 November 2022

Elena and Eliot

Our life is incredibly unpredictable and multifaceted - you never know where the road will lead you. And, one road connected two people. Eliot and I, each of us have our own story behind and each went with our own goals but we were united by the dream of meeting a person with whom we are ready to talk for nights on end. Eliot was captivated by my sense of humor and this became the foundation of our acquaintance. I could not remain indifferent, realizing how Elliot is a caring and sincere person. This helped to cast aside doubts and accept an invitation to a date. You never know what awaits you tomorrow but it's worth the risk to get something more. We both took a chance and now a new chapter has been written in the book of our lives. One dream for two - then for the sake of which it is worth starting a relationship.

29 October 2022

Tatiana and William

When thinking about a, the only word that comes to mind is a 'fairytale'. I can honestly say that this word best describes our special day. I have always had a dream to visit Italy. I have no idea how Scottie managed to arrange everything in just a month and make my dream come true. My only 'duty' was to take a few days off from work and prepare my international passport, everything else was a surprise properly arranged by Scottie.So, just imagine - my sister, my little niece and I get on a plane to fly to Milan where we meet with Scott. First day we just walk around enjoying our time together and somehow 'quite by accident' we get to the Ukrainian Embassy and then to the City Hall.. I was absolutely sure we would just register the and that is it. How wrong I was.After completing the paperwork, our next stop was a boutique of dresses and then, I realized the fairy tale begins.. Beautiful little hotel room overlooking Lake Como, I am sipping my orange juice enjoying the view.. There is a knock on the door and here are the make up artist and hairstylist, and here are the photographer and video maker (what a surprise all these people are from Ukraine), another knock on the door - flower delivery and the bunch of beautiful white peonies is now in my hands, I go downstairs and see my Scott wearing the most beautiful tuxedo, his hands are shaking, eyes looking at me and he whispers 'I think I can make you happy for a long, long time and I love you so much' .Then our unforgettable boat trip along Como Lake, our photoshoot in the pearl of Lake Como - Villa Balbianello which was opened just for the two of us that day, official open-air registration, our ceremony and the exchange of vows, a small reception just for the dearest people, a lot of sweet memories, bright emotions, our first kiss, our first dance, our first... our first EVERYTHING..It is something I am sure we will cherish forever. I still have no idea how it all happened. I have no idea what good things I did in my life to get through a day like this, but I can honestly say that I felt like a real princess and this is what I will cherish forever. This is what I wish every single girl and man who is still searching to feel in their lives.First of all, I want to say thank you to my dear Scottie for creating such a beautiful. That was definitely the first but not the last our happy moment. Thank you Dream Singles site, my agency and my family for everything they have done for our happiness!!!

15 October 2022

Elena and Perry

Finally, we met with Perry.. He is a simple kind man from the USA. We started to communicate, to exchange our dreams and plans, and then decided to meet each other in a real life. We realized that we have a lot of common goals in life, the same values and priorities. Perry helped and supported me during the most difficult months in my life and proved to me that I can trust and count on him. He brought the biggest change and positive impact on my life. Our meeting was very emotional and exciting. We spent a wonderful time together. I want to thank Dream Singles website for helping me to meet the most incredible man in the world!

20 September 2022

Anna and Jose

Hello everyone! I am glad that I had a chance to make my dream come true in Tallinn, a romantic place in the Europe. Our communication was very pleasant. I still can not believe that we met so quickly, it was easy and without any problems. What else is needed for a little happiness in these stormy times? Good vibes are following me and I am confident in our future with Jose. I wish you all to find happiness and love here on Dream-singles site.

30 July 2022
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