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Victoria and Daniel

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Daniel invited me to visit a carnival in Alicante, Spain. I have never seen carnivals and was so excited to see it and him again!Good company, music, and dancing, we had a great time and had fun together.It's always lovely to spend time with good people! Thanks to Dream Singles, we do not know the barriers and distances to living communication!

14 February 2023

Natalia and Perez


Nowadays, life is not easy and unfortunately, lots of bad things are happening! People are drowning in their problems and forget that we live only once and we need to try the positive in everything! We met on the Dream Singles website and from the very beginning, the communication was easy and relaxed. After a while we realized that we are ready to meet in person. We met in a nice restaurant for a glass of wine, had a pleasant conversation. We are so grateful to the site for making such a possibility to meet interesting people from all over the world!

19 January 2023

Irina and Neil


Hi everybody! This is Irina and Neil and our happy story. We met on this site two years ago. Our communication was interesting and bright. We found a common language very easily and decided to meet in reality. Neil came to my native city and we spent a few days together. It was an unforgettable time for us. After a real meeting, when Neil came back home we had some problems with communication and we had some misunderstandings. I think this is normal for a young couple. After a few months, we broke up and got back together again. We realized that we cannot live without each other and this is real love. Neil gave me all his support and care. We solved all our problems and this time I came to visit Neil in the USA and develop our relationship. Now, we are together. He is a real man and makes me happy every day. Thanks to Dream Singles site for giving us an opportunity to find each other. I want to wish everyone to find your future here, now, I know this is possible.

01 January 2023

Victoria and Daniel


I want to tell you our story! Daniel and I met in Spain in the beautiful city of Alecante. Daniel impressed me with his tenderness and openness and a bouquet of red-blue roses was the most beautiful in my life!I was happy to meet Daniel in person. It was a wonderful winter evening in a warm and sincere company! Thanks to Dream Singles for the opportunity to meet wonderful people.

27 December 2022

Victoria and Derek


Derek and me met on Dream Singles site and we talked for a while. At some point, I thought that we would not be able to meet in real life but the New Year's miracle happened. Despite the difficult situation that is currently happening in the world, we found the opportunity to meet in Poland. It was a very unusual feeling and after the meeting I realized that my desire to continue communication with Derek became even stronger. Now we will try to build something more between us. Thank you Dream Singles for giving us a chance to meet and get to know each other better during this difficult time.

04 December 2022
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