Video Letters

Video Letters on Dream Singles!

How Do Video Letters Work?

Tired of texting? Video letters are an innovative and interactive way to communicate with Dream Singles members. To begin, choose your favorite recording device. The trick to choosing the most beneficial device is to select the one you use the most. Whether you are on your phone or computer most of the day, you can use either one to record your video. Alternatively, you may also use a camcorder or a web camera.

Things to Consider

  • Video size cannot exceed 375MB.
  • Video length should be more than 15 seconds, but no more than 2 minutes.
  • Most common video formats are .avi, .wmv, .mov and .mp4.

Sending Video Letters

In just three clicks, your video letter will be on its way!
  • Click "Attach a Video" button.
  • Click "Browse" and attach the video file from your recording device.
  • Click "Send" and you’re set!

Receiving Video Letters

Dating on Dream Singles is all about interaction and communication. If you send a video letter, aren’t you hoping to get one in return? Dream Singles allows you to decide who you would like to receive video letters from. Marking "Yes" to this option could mean your match might send you a video letter back. However, if you mark "No" to this option, you will not receive any video letter replies.

Let’s Talk Credits

Sending and reading letters will cost 10 credits for paid members and 20 credits for free Bronze members. Essentially, all members can participate in video letters.

Video Letter Perks

The best part of Video Letters is getting the chance to hear the voice of your interest and vice versa. The way a person speaks can almost be as comforting as what they say! This unique feature makes dating on Dream Singles simply gratifying!

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