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At Dream Singles, we believe in rewarding your efforts as you search for your soulmate. Dating online should be an exhilarating and encouraging experience. Everyday, you get closer and closer to finding the one. All things in life don’t have to be cumbersome. That’s why we created the Member Rewards program: to always make dating at Dream Singles a win for you!

It’s so easy to earn points: you just have to stay engaged on Dream Singles! For instance, you will receive 10 points just for completing your profile. We reward you for this because we know the value in having a profile that stands out. An incomplete profile, on the other hand, may not attract the right type of person you’re looking for. Moreover, it could give potential partners the idea that you aren’t good at finishing things. Do you want others to have that first impression of you while dating online? We don’t want that for you either! So when you take the time to complete your profile, we pat you on the back by giving you points.

Did you know that we also allow you to earn a point just for logging into Dream Singles each day? We know the benefit of staying active in the online dating scene and we want you to have the best chance at finding the one. But you won’t be able to do that if you aren’t consistent with your online presence. Logging in each day keeps your profile active and you earn points in the process. This is just one of the many ways we take care of our members at Dream Singles because your experience is a matter of greatest importance. And when you help yourself by participating at Dream Singles, we don’t want your engagement to go unnoticed.

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