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Yana and Philip
Is it luck or fate? Dear friends, I want to share my story with you, I still can't believe it is true, but it is! I registered on the Dream Singles website just a couple of months ago. Before I felt all broken, my life was filled with a series of terrible events. I lost everything because of the war in my country and I was forced to leave my home and move to Europe with my daughter. I was all alone! Loneliness was touring my heart to pieces and the amount of hardship and grief that I faced and had to go through almost broke me and I was on the brink of despair.But at that moment my friend suggested joining the Dream-Singles website. Frankly speaking, I have never believed in such a way of dating and was quite skeptical, but she insisted. And after about a month, I met Philip. From the beginning, he seemed to me a serious and charming man and he proved it shortly. He requested a date and came to Prague to meet me in real! And here our real story began. He wrapped me in his warmth, care, and attention. He was able to treat my broken soul and give me a hope for happy future! He is incredibly kind, he takes such good care of me and his smile is something, just look at it - it's real sunshine, isn't it?We liked each other so much that he agreed to stay in Prague for another two weeks. So I am thinking about introducing him to my daughter next week. I have no doubts he will conquer her little heart as well as mine. Yes, it's a very serious step, but I feel he is the right person and I think I am ready for something new.So, what can I say it's all real! Believe, take risks, try and my strongest advice do not lose much time, but meet in real as soon as it is possible!My best regards to all of you and my huge thanks to the Dream-Singles website!
Yana and Philip , Czech Republic, on 12 April 2023
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