Success Stories

Ekaterina and Andreas
This is our story. Andreas arrived from Stock-holm and landed in Kharkov on 21 December. We met at the airport and took a taxi to a cozy restaurant . I ate an Italian pasta dish and Andreas ate the delicious Ukrainian soup Borsch. The meeting was magical. Andreas took my hand and in his hand was a small gift from him. It was a heart-shaped pendant.It was icy cold outside, but the warmth between us kept us warm. We will definitely see each other again very soon. We have two dates planned already, one for me to go to Stockholm and another for a larger event. On the way back to the airport, Andreas put his arm around me and we both felt tingling sensation inside us. I felt so safe in his arms and I am convinced that Andreas also enjoyed the moment.Thank you Dream-Singles for the opportunity to meet, without your service we would never have met. Thanks!
Ekaterina and Andreas , Ukraine, on 22 December 2021
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