Success Stories

Svetlana and Svein
We met each other on the Dream-Singles in August 2010 and as a result, we have two wonderful kids and a Happy Dream Life! What can be better?We have been communicating a lot, we spent hours and hours in front of the computers waiting for each other online. We both wanted to find a real soulmate. So, finally, we decided to meet in real life. The interesting thing is we didn't feel love at the first sight. The first hour we had no idea what to talk about. We went to the skating rink, held hands, too many worries and stress at the same time. But the more time we spent together the more we realized we belonged to each other. Now, we laugh a lot remembering those moments. It became our family tradition to talk about our correspondence on Dream-Singles and how we met. We are celebrating our anniversary every year.So, now we can say for sure that our happy life began with Dream Singles.
Svetlana and Svein , Ukraine, on 13 March 2020
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