This page will allow you to report spam that you may have received. We have a very strict antispam policy and it is our policy that only opted-in users will be sent bulk messages. Unfortunately, sometimes spammers on the Internet join affiliate programs and then spam people with links to our site, without our knowledge. We and our affiliate partners oppose all such activity and work constantly to shut down those who link to our site with spam emails.

Please enter the email address you received this spam at, and if possible, the body of the spam message. After you enter your email, we will remove your email from any mailing lists we have. In addition, our affiliate partners will be notified within seven days that the email should be removed from their own mailing lists. We will use the message contents that you enter to investigate spam complaints and to potentially take action against the sender.

Thank you for your assistance in preventing spam.

Update: Lately people have been sending us the spam messages, but the link the spammer used does not get copied into it because email clients copy only the text of the message. Please include the link the spammers gave you when entering the spam contents. That is the key piece that helps us identify and remove them.

To copy the link, right-click on it, and choose 'Copy Shortcut' (in Internet Explorer or Outlook), or 'Copy Link Location' (in Firefox or Thunderbird).

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