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In 2015 Dream Singles was awarded
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by iDate Awards.

21 Years in business.

This year Dream Singles is proudly celebrating our twenty first year anniversary of making dreams come true!

Thousands of success stories

Dream Singles has produced more relationships than any other International dating site.

FACT: We've made millions of dreams a reality
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With over 15,000 active online members each day, there’s always an opportunity to meet the one.
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Our name is known in over 200 different countries all over the world.
Welcome to Dream Singles!

At Dream Singles, we thrive on bringing couples together to find true love and happiness. Since 2003, we have provided a platform for singles to connect in over 200 countries. We set the bar high in online international dating, as we hold the 2015 iDate Award for Best Niche Dating Site. Over the last 21 years, Dream Singles has created thousands of success stories. Because our services promote the most genuine meetings, it enables our members to develop endearing and lasting relationships.

At all times, the best interest of our members is at the center of what we do. Dream Singles gives a best-in-class experience due to certifications in Data Protection, McAfee Secure and Google Safe Browsing. Our services are designed to provide a virtual dating experience that is ultra-personal and convenient.

Dream Singles #1 in International Dating
Fatjone 25
Fatjone, 29
Belgrade, Serbia
Jacob, 43
Jacob, 47
Phoenix, USA
Ksenia, 33
Ksenia, 33
Miami, USA
Ronny, 51
Ronny, 51
Sydney,  Australia
Victoria, 41
Victoria, 41
Kiev, Ukraine
Tim, 32
Tim, 36
Lethbridge, Canada
Our focus is love
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Certified Secure on TrustedSite

Trusted SiteYour confidence on our site is such a priority that we have undergone rigorous testing for security. As a result, Dream Singles has earned 3 certifications with TrustedSite, a leading platform providing internet users with security and website trust. With over 1 million sites tested, TrustedSite has only certified 100,000 sites. Our website security is working around the clock by actively monitoring flags for malware, phishing and malicious links. You can explore Dream Singles knowing that each click will land you on a page free of harm.

PhishTank, the internet’s largest clearing house of data for phishing scams, has detected no issues with Dream Singles. Google considers our site safe for browsing, which means you can leave your worry behind while dating with us. By passing regular scans for malware and malicious links, McAfee Secure has also awarded Dream Singles with McAfee Secure Certification.

Along with our earned certifications, Dream Singles has also received three trustmarks for data protection. All the information you place on any forms, checkout pages or login buttons are transmitted securely. Dream Singles always follows industry-standard security protocols for your online dating safety.

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Dream Singles - The #1 International Dating Site

Sometimes, dating sites can be confusing and uncertainty can rise with each click. However, Dream Singles makes the online dating experience effortless and enjoyable! For 21 years, Dream Singles has been a defining liaison for love and felicity around the world. Presenting you with the highest quality profiles and dating environments is what Dream Singles is all about.

Certified Secure on TrustedSite

TrustedSite monitors Dream Singles for security issues and has verified that our site transmits data securely. By passing regular scans for malware and malicious links, McAfee Secure has also awarded Dream Singles with McAfee Secure Certification. With no concerns detected from Google Safe Browsing, you can explore Dream Singles with confidence.

Advanced Search Features

Features like Advanced Search make it simple to find the right fit. When you use this feature, you can view sincere singles who only have the details and attributes that are attractive to you. Do you have a thing for brunettes? Maybe you prefer blue eyes. Perhaps you want your special someone to be a certain height. You can lead your search with these qualities in mind. And there are many more qualities to choose from to narrow your search even more. When you find someone you really want to speak with, you can save the search so you don’t have to do the research twice.

Meet Striking Singles of All Ages Online

Members on the site aren’t opposed to communicating first so you can expect to have messages as soon as you sign up! Why should you have to wait two weeks for someone to contact you? Receiving a lot of messages could raise a flag for you that maybe it’s all fake, but in reality, it’s just regular people on the other side of the world who want a chance at love.

From video chat to instant messaging, Dream Singles offers cutting-edge technology with you in mind. On this platform, expect to find unparalleled service, genuine meetings and potential partners who want what you want.

4 Steps to Find the Perfect Partner

  • Sign up for free and complete your profile
  • Browse profile galleries to find a stunning single
  • Video chat, flirt or instant message
  • Schedule a date

Free Online Help and Dating Tips

Each day is an opportunity for you to move one step closer to your dreams and desires. We offer 10 Steps to Encourage Success on Dream Singles so you don’t have to guess. Access free online help that answers any question you can think of about Dream Singles. Your future is in your hands and at any moment, you can decide to have your last night alone. Allow Dream Singles, the #1 International Dating site, to help you get there!