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Beautiful Woman Zhanna from Odessa
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Age: 41
City: Odessa
Country: Ukraine
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 5' 7'' (170 cm)
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg)
Eyes: brown
Hair: black
Occupation: Store Manager
Education: graduate school
Religion: Christianity
Marital Status: never married
Kids: 0
Languages Spoken: English, Russian
English Proficiency: basic
Smoking: no


You are alive when you move, when you do some usual things from new point of view using creative attitude, when you add to your life and to your personality something new every day, when you enrich and deepen your knowledge about the world and yourself. If I cook, I do it every time as for the first time. I like to create something really good, nothing is duty for you, if you know that nothing stays the same. I adore nature and travelling. Opera music excites me as much as Disco music the right thing in the right time can be really amazing, this is why my interests and tastes change with time, I change and the things which I want to learn, to experience also change! But from the childhood I feel passion to riding horses, swimming, learning about different cultures and my biggest dream is to visit Goya in India! I would be happy to do it when my special man when he will find me and will become the most important part of my life! I keep this dream for my future usually we wish to share something the most wonderful with our closest person, I want to share this dream with my future husband, who will be my closest and the most important person in my life! I am curious to know about the history of different holidays because I adore holidays and I am always happy as a child when there is some reason for celebrating, for organizing a good dinner for my family and friends! I am a very energetic and intuitive lady this is why it is difficult for me to stay at the same place. I like active rest, camping, voyages on yacht. I adore the spirit of adventures.

More About Me

I am a woman. I am an angel who can bring you to the heaven. I can also come back you to the Earth for injustice or treason. My husband will find a very kind heart in me. I will become for sure a very caring and obedient wife. My heart contains such a strong concentration of Happiness which I wish to give to my future special man, that this happiness will be enough for several lives. Yes, I can be strict, but always for a real reason. In my life I adore to help people, to make presents to me close people, to be attentive and supportive. I always control myself, my emotions. I try to evaluate adequately all my actions and even thoughts I never pretend, I dont have time and desire for trying to be someone else, I accept my personality with all its strong and weak sides and try to become better, to improve myself for better. It is not difficult to develop yourself, to open your heart more, to become wiser if you are not afraid to accept the fact that you are not perfect. I know one good saying: You cant come somewhere, if you think that you are already there!. You cant develop and to explore life, your own deep inner world, if you think that you are perfect and already knows everything about the world. My nature is decent, I have a confident character and cheerful mood is my main mood. Femininity and beauty are in my blood. Goddess lives in any woman, any woman is a fairy and can make your dreams come true, any woman keeps the eternal fire of Happiness and Luck in her family. A woman gives new life and this is why a Woman always protects life with such prowess and courage. I am a Woman and everything is in this short word.

Ideal Relationship

I have a very feminine, tender and soft nature. I believe that a man must be strong and protective. A man creates the form, a woman fills this form. There is nothing that I wouldn't do for my future husband, and of course I will expect that my beloved man will never be grudge in something for me! Nowadays women are often independent, they can have a good work, can achieve their dreams, can support themselves and to be financially and morally independent. It is good, but sometimes I have a question, who women are nowadays? Many women transformed to two in one a man and a woman in one face by those things that they can embrace! But it is not natural. I am independent. I have a very interesting for me work and enjoy it. I can live alone and to provide myself with everything I need. I can travel, can spend my time as I wish. I can help my close people, but at the same time, when I marry I will need to take care about my family, about our home with my beloved husband, to give life to our kids and to protect, to raise them so, I think that women nowadays take more responsibilities than they can and should take. But it happens because many men became irresponsible and egoistic. I want to have healthy and natural relationships where a man will be a real man and I will be able to be a woman, not two in one.

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